When Nobody Turns Up at the Ballot Box

Via radgeek, I discovered that the little town of Pillsbury, North Dakota recorded 0 votes this June. That’s right; the municipal elections garnered a hefty 0 percent turnout. This brought a nice smile to my face. Mind you, it’s a town of 24 residents, and the candidates were unopposed, but zero votes? The candidates were so lazy that they didn’t even vote for themselves!

What’s interesting is that the article doesn’t seem to care that the turnout was a goose egg. Its best summed up by the Pillsbury mayor:

“I presume things will stay the same,” Brudevold said. “We’re just a little village, and when you’re elected to one of those jobs, well, once you get it, you got it.”

Yeah, who cares? Cuase well, you know, there’s nothing wrong when the government is so pointless that even the candidates won’t vote. Either the citizenry has so little faith that they want nothing to do with the state, or the town charter is so pointless that no one can be bothered. I think we’ve got a bit of both.


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  1. i googled north dakota and pulled up the image used in this post.

    as this is the first post i’ve ever read of yours, i have no idea of your background, education, or location. but i grew up in rural north dakota, and i have another hypothesis, other than a non-active voting population or a disenfranchised community.

    in towns so small and spaced out like they are in rural north dakota, there truly is no reason to staff and pay for politcal polls. Mostly everyone talks to each other every other day anyway, so they all understand where they stand, their lack (and probably enjoyed) of impact on national politics, and the lack of national/county politics on their own day to day lives.

    it’s kind of comforting, i think.

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