Uggh More Economic Woes

And the economy continues tanking. Northwest announced layoffs for 2500 workers, in all sectors of the company, ranging from pilots, mechanics, and flight attendants. Of course no union is putting up a fight because as I said before, airline unions don’t care or can’t put up a fight. Steve and Barry’s, a cheap clothing store with high end brands, is going into bankruptcy, perhaps full liquidation. Apparently its business strategy of loans, loans, and irrational growth was a smart idea. Despite racking in 1.1 Billion in annual sales, the company can’t pay its creditors. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are precipitously loosing value.

Once again the economy doesn’t seem to like normal people. At the first sign of trouble its layoffs, liquidations and attacks on one of the few low cost mortgage avenues. Though of course, no one is saying anything about it. The economy is hurting but, its “hurting” everyone. This is why when you read the newspaper they typically spend most of their time interviewing small businesspeople, not workers. Small businessmen typify that “middle class,” “middle America” resilient American citizen. It is funny how we all splurge for these people when by and large; hurting small businesspeople take it out on their employees. Gas goes up? Another get the axe.

In any movement of working people, we need to be wary of small businesspeople. They will always try to moderate the movement and turn it into some bland populism.   As capitalists, they want to join the big time owners.  They look at Warren Buffet types and orgasm all over themselves.  However the big capitalists are often throwing them out of their club, harming their business with big competition or even putting them out of business sending them back into the working class.  Thus its best to imagine small businesspeople as the big bully’s errand boy.  He thinks he’s big shit cause he’s in with big Murphy.  He idolizes big Murphy like a father.  But Murphy is always abusing him and making fun of him, sometimes ignoring him for weeks at a time.  Its an abusive relationship to say the least.

So what does this mean?  Well errand boy Jimmy really to kick down and to kiss up.  He domineers the little children, but damn, he knows when to tow Murphy’s line.  But when Murphy is being especially testy, Jimmy bands together with the other little kids to make demands on Murphy and Murphy usually accedes to those demands.  Of course those demands usually don’t help anyone but Jimmy.  And then after a few weeks, when Murphy has stroked Jimmy’s ego a bit, Jimmy goes back to being a little shit, kicking down and kissing up.


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